Weekly Cowboy Church Round-Up

Cowboy Church Round-Up Weekly Newsletter

Howdy Pardners,

Sad to say, the evil and sinfulness that is in the human family was shown so very clearly again this past week, with the shootings in the Florida school, and in so many other areas of human endeavor. And to see it in something like the Olympics, where the zenith of the nobility of mankind should be seen, instead seeing ideology and politics injected even there makes us sad.

How amazing, then, that the Good Lord still loved us so much that He did something so extraordinary, and sent His Son, Jesus, to give His life on the cross to redeem us to our holy and righteous God.

This is the time to draw closer to our God, and not despair and turn away from Him. The Bible says, concerning the Name and Person of Jesus, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)  So, may I encourage every one of you that are reading this Round-Up, to do two things:

 First, get into the written Word of God (the Bible) so that you may get to know the Living Word of God (Jesus). And second, attend and get involved in the worship, discipleship, ministry and fellowship of a sound Bible-believing and teaching church. The Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church is such a church, but if the “Cowboy Style” is not your cup of tea (or cowboy coffee), then please find another good church where you can get involved and grow in the Lord!

Now, shifting gears - Calling All Kids and their Parents!!! Barb Spencer and Marcie Johnson are excited about their new Children’s curriculum and material they ordered from Lifeway Christian Literature! They are now using this curriculum to teach the Children during “Cowtown” at our Monday night cowboy church services.  Here is a message from our two excellent children’s teachers to all you parents and kids out there:


Just want to let the parents and grandparents know that we have finished the

Story of Creation with our new Bible Studies for Life Series. This month

we will be discussing Christ's Love.  In March we start the Bible study

leading up to Easter Story. At that time we will be sending home for parents

or grandparents relevant Bible verses with the Buckaroos (Children).

That way you can know what the youth are learning and help to reinforce it at home.

            The Bible Studies for Life is so exciting and adds crafts, verse

search, games etc. to go along with it.


We ask you invite your children and their friends to come on Monday

nights at 7pm for the exciting news of Jesus Christ, our Savior.


Thank you for allowing us to teach your buckaroos with our new Bible

Studies for Life Curriculum that will lead your children to better

understanding of the Word of God.


Let us know if you have any questions,


Barbara Spencer and Marcie Johnson.


Movie Night at the Cowboy Church - This week it is Friday, February 23rd at 7 pm and we will be watching the movie, “Secretariat”.  Bring your family and friends and enjoy this great movie and the fellowship we enjoy at Movie Night at the Cowboy Church!


We look forward to seeing you Sunday at 11 am or Monday at 7 pm at the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church!



God Bless and Happy Trails,

Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison c}:-{    Website www.gtthccc.com

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