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Cowboy Church Trail Ride and Picnic
10:00 AM
At Pastor Dale's place in Audrain County. Maps can be picked up at Cowboy Church on Monday nights. Trail Ride at 10 am and Picnic at Noon.


Cowboy Church Worship Service
7:00 PM
The worship Service begins 7 pm, then our Fellowship time with cowboy goodies begins about 8 pm.


Cowboy Church Worship Service
7:00 PM
The worship Service begins 7 pm, then our Fellowship time with cowboy goodies begins about 8 pm.
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Columbia, MO

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  • Band Concert brings a whopper crowd!
  • The Ten Gallon Hat Cowboy Band draws a big crowd at our June2014 Concert and Potluck Dinner.
  • These gals know how to shoot from a galluping horse.
  • Jan Bradley rides again on the Spring Trail Ride in 2014.
  • Ready for a great day on the trail at the Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area.
  • Cowboys ready for the 2014 Spring Trail Ride.
  • The Kentucky Derby Tea was great fun! $200 was raised for the Cowboy Church Building Fund.
  • Ladies enjoying the Kentucky Derby Tea at the Victorian Country Inn, Love the Hats!
  • All the Sharp-Shooters at the First Annual Easter Peep Skeet at the Spencers'.
  • Pastor Dale shares with the Buckaroos and the Adults enjoy it too!
  • 2013 Fall Shoot Participants
  • Great Crowd at Band Appreciation Night
  • Everyone Welcome Mondays at 7 pm.
  • We know how to do Potluck Dinners!
  • Pastor Dale explains the Christian Cowboy Way.
  • The messages are biblical, about the Christian walk, and from the heart.
  • People of all ages enjoy Cowboy Church.
  • There is plenty of room for you. Come as you are!
  • Christian Cowboy music is what we love!
  • Our offerings are put in a pair of Cowboy boots.
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls of all ages love Cowboy Church.
  • A young Roy Rogers?
  • A chance to give your horse some arena experience before and after the worship service.
  • Cowboy Church is a family experience.
  • Sandy and her horse, Dixie.
  • "Best looking crowd ever!"
  • Crack shot, Mike Martin.
  • Wade Vandelicht shows the clay targets no mercy.
  • Our Spring Shoot at Riverhills.
  • The Ten Gallon Hat Cowboy Band plays in New Franklin, MO.
  • The Stick Pony Race at our Summer Cowboy Church Fun Show in Ashland.
  • Rick Gunier, former US Marine, flys the Colors at the Fun Show.
  • Hold your tongue just right and ride smooth.
  • Now I know why they call it a "Fun Show."
  • Mike McDow on his pretty pony.
  • Barb Spencer prepares the Cowboy Grub at the Fun Show.
  • Kids had a blast at the Fun Show.
  • Rick helps Joey ride his trusty steed.
  • We have Cowboy Church T-Shirts and Caps.
  • Picnicing at the Spring Trail Ride.
  • The Boy Scouts join us for worship at the Trail Ride.
  • Cowpokes are hungry after a 3 hour Trail Ride.
  • Fred and Jane Craig ride the Bennett Trail.
  • 35 riders participated in our Spring 2013 Trail Ride.
  • A beautiful day on the trail.
  • Mules like the trail too!
  • Pink ribbon on a pretty mare.
  • A day they will remember.
  • Patienty waiting for the service to end and the riding to begin.
  • Meeting in the arena at the Boone County Fairgrounds.
  • The Ten Gallon Hat Cowboy Band.
  • Marking our second year. Thanks, Jan Bradley, for the cake.
  • Ray Spencer brings his Chuck Wagon to Cowboy Church.
  • The Buckaroos enjoy Pastor Dale's Stories.
  • We dress warm in the winter and do just fine. Cowboys are tough!
  • Our musicians during our Sunday experiment.
  • Barb and Ray Spencer serve up the warm grub at the Chuck Wagon.
  • The kids named our Carpet Pony Prophet.
  • Some songs you just have to stand to sing.
  • A lot of bull.
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls are hungry to learn about the Lord and His Word.
  • Something poetic about Cowboys out on the range.
  • Tuning up and about ready to rock.
  • A Cowboy's Cathedral.

Many of the photos in our slideshow above were taken by Jan Bradley.  14 of the photos shown were by Jim Robertson, from the Boone Electric Cooperative and are being used by permission

Howdy Pardner

To see this week's Cowboy Church Newsletter, "The Round-Up", click the link below:

This young Cowgirl, Klarissa Minish, was baptized by believer's baptism Monday night , October 6th, at Cowboy Church. Congratulations Klarissa!

Don Champion and Jerry Kilgore provided our great Cowboy Church Worship Music that same night!  Thanks Guys!



The Fall Chuck Wagon Dinner Theater - 30 people attended at the Spencers' on Saturday October 18th.


Larry McDaniel, From the Coyote Hill Children's Home Spoke at the Cowboy Church Monday Night, Sept 22nd 

Larry McDaniel, and several of the staff from Coyote Hill Children's Home were with us Monday night, September 22nd.  Larry played his piano keyboard, with Wayne Walker on bass and Jerry Kilgore on guitar, then he told us about the Children's Home and their Horse Therapy Program.  Larry also provided a Horse/people interactive exercise during our Fellowship Time after the Worship Service. We had a great crowd of nearly 70 people and 10 horses at the service.

Fall Cowboy Church Trophy Shoots Set on Oct. 4th and 11th.

 The Five Stand Shoot was at Prairie Grove Saturday, October 4th at 10 am.  The Sporting Clays Shoot will be at Prairie Grove Saturday, October 11th starting at 10 am.


The Five-Stand Winners were 1st - Butch Filkins, 2nd - John Egloff, 3rd - Jan Bradley, 4th - Ray Spencer.  It was a windy day and a challenging course, but all the participants had a great time!

Our Annual Fall Cowboy Church Sporting Clays Shoot was a great success. The winners of the contest were 1st - Wade Vandelicht, 2nd - Mike Martin, 3rd - Ray Spencer, 4th - Jerry Kilgore, and 5th -Jan Bradley. Congratulations to these sharp-shooters! Everyone had a fun time of shooting and fellowship! Thanks to Ray Spencer for organizing these Fall Shoots in successive weekends.


Our last Men's Breakfast was Saturday, September 13th at 9am at JJ's Restaurant.

(We had 10 of our men at the breakfast, including Mike Long, the head cook at JJ's.  Everyone had a great time.)

Our next Men's Breakfast will be Saturday, October 18th at 9 am at JJ's.


The first ride of the Gateway Iron Horse Cowboys.  From left to right is Barb and Ray Spencer, Jerry Perry, and Pastor Dale Larison.  We have now had two great rides. If you have a motorcycle, you are welcome to join in!


The Ten Gallon Hat's Great Concert!


Friends, if you were not there, you missed a great time and we missed seeing you!

83 people enjoyed our worship service Monday night, June 23rd and then a great demonstration of horseback riding and pistol shooting.  Thanks to the Central Missouri Mounted Shooters for a great show!


Congratulations to three Cowboys who were Baptized June 9th at the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church.  They were Cole Gatezmeyer, Taylor Durbin and David Pauley.




We welcome you every Monday night to our 7pm Worship Service at the Boone County Fairgrounds Arena Building.  

You don't have to have a horse to attend the Cowboy Church.  This Cowboy Church is for anyone that has that independent American Cowboy Spirit and likes the idea of a laid-back, come as you are church, in a unique setting.






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Fall Trail Ride and Picnic at Pastor Dale's Ranch

We are having a a Trail Ride at 10 am and a Potluck Picnic Dinner at Noon on Saturday, October 25th at Pastor Dale's Place in Audrain County.  You are invited to the picnic even if you don't have a horse. Maps are provided at Cowboy Church over the next few Monday nights. 

Barrel Racing Mini-Clinic at Cowboy Church Monday Night, October 27th

Haley Schrimpf will give a Barrel Racing Clinic and Demo in the arena during our Fellowship Time on Monday, October 27th after our worship service.

Central Missouri Mounted Shooters at the Cowboy Church Monday Night, June 23rd

We were pleased to have members of the Central Missouri Mounted Shooters at the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church Monday night, June 23rd. It was wild and it was loud, but great fun to watch!  Thanks for coming to the Cowboy Church, Mounted Shooters! 

Gateway Cowboy Church Spring Trail Ride and Picnic

Gateway Cowboy Church's Spring Trail Ride and Picnic was Saturday, May 17th, at the Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area.  28 Riders took the 2 1/2 hour ride on a beautiful day.  Thanks to Dave Binney for organizing this event and doing a great job with all the preparations!  Several other members of the Cowboy Church joined the group for the Picnic at the lakeside after the ride.  The Lord gave us a wonderful day! 

Cowboy Church Website

By September 15th, 2014 we had 46,164 people look at our Homepage for the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church! By October 11th, 2014 we had 47,384 Praise the Lord! Thanks for taking a look!

A Tea at the Victorian Country Inn
This past Mother's Day Weekend (May 10,11) the Kentucky Derby Teas took place at the Spencers' Victorian Country Inn.  Mint Julip Tea and tiered trays of Savory Sweets were served. The $200 in profits raised from the Teas will go for the Gateway Cowboy Church Building Fund. Thanks to Barb Spencer for these fun events.
Peep Skeet April 19

The First Annual Peep Skeet was a great success.  Everyone that attended had a great time.  Thanks to Ray and Barb for all their work to make it a fun time for all. The photo above shows all the participants.

Is Your Photo on Our Chuck Wagon Yet?

This is a look at our new Member/Attender Photo ID Chuck Wagon.  Do we have your photo on the Chuck Wagon yet? Bring a photo to Cowboy Church or email one to Pastor Dale and we will get your cute mug on the wagon.

New Children's Cowtown Bible Study Start a Great Success

Read about our new Cowtown Children's Bible Study which began Monday night November 18th.  Click the following link:

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